Amazon Says It Is Only Months Away From Delivering Customer Orders By Drone

The pace towards better CX is pushing retailers to get out of their comfort zones and do things differently from their business counterparts.

After a few years of mulling over the idea and gathering the necessary resources to make a dream come true, Inc announced plans to begin delivering shopper package deliveries using drones.

The drones will drop items to various customers in 30 minutes or less, and the operation is set to kick off in months.  

Commenting on the innovation in a conference last week in Las Vegas, one of Amazon’s top executives, Jeff Wilke said; “the new drone is safer and has unique features- it takes off and lands like a helicopter. Compared to previous models, it is more stable and can detect objects in motion better than humans increasing safety levels.” However, the executive did not mention places where shoppers may start receiving products through drones.

Amazon Inc., the world-known retailer,  tested its first consumer delivery by drone in the UK in 2016. Three years later, the big box e-commerce retailer now intends to make its promise of delivering items to buyers’ doorsteps through these new-age aircraft, to turn the hype into reality.

The online retailer has also ensured that no wires would trip up its drones, for instance, and it has faced thorough regulations controlling commercial flights, more so in the US.

Amazon’s announcement is proof its dreams have hardly faded away. Wilke said the retailer has been doing double duty to engineer fully electric drones which could serve shoppers up to 15 miles (24 km) away. The company also has plans to add more facilities in metropolitan areas. What’s more, electric drones can also carry goods below 5 pounds (2.3 kg), which is weight for the majority of products it sells.

During the conference, Amazon also officially introduced “StyleSnap,” a button on the Amazon app that allows any shopper to post a picture of whichever attire they like and get product recommendations for similar outfits to purchase.

The relatively new feature rolled out in April and was introduced to help shoppers who struggled to find designs and styles they could only spot in pictures but couldn’t describe in words.

When recommending items to a potential buyer, StyleSnap looks at factors like the brand, price range, and reviews by customers, Amazon said in a blog.

To Wrap-up

The use of high-end drones to deliver ordered goods to customers’ doorsteps has long been a fantasy for Amazon. But critics and pessimists will now have to take a back seat as they watch the world’s largest e-commerce retailer prove that after all, the vision was not a dream without action.

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