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Perfect Boot Choice for the Perfect Occassion

It is no secret that shoes are not only a must-have item of clothing, but also the health of your feet. Therefore, the purchase must be approached very responsibly, commensurate with the desire to add yourself a couple of centimeters of growth with the ability to earn varicose veins.

Many women simply adore fashionable boots and shoes, sacrificing comfort in the name of fashion. However, if you choose the right shoes, so that both the style and the height of the heel fit, your figure will miraculously transform, and even the “donut” will be able to look slimmer. For the boots stores this is the best bit.

How to choose the height of the heel shoes

Heel height is often determined by convenience. However, if possible, the thickness of the lower leg and ankle should also be considered.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right heel shoes:

Very full calves will look disproportionate on high heels. In this case, the effect of harmony is achieved by a more massive heel, which will give the legs a harmonious look.

  • A low thick heel will not necessarily look good on a full leg. Figured heel or wedge will provide the desired effect of slimness.
  • Wedge is a great way to combine the height of the heel and the convenience of a flat sole.
  • Whatever shoes you choose, the uniform always adds height. Do not overdo it with its height – it can be dangerous!
  • Flats and other models on a flat sole are extremely comfortable, but with a skirt look worse than a little heel.

How to choose women’s shoes: the right shoes and boots

Inconvenient shoes can cause significant damage to the feet, so make sure that your casual shoes provide the necessary support and are comfortable. This will in no way prevent you from falling further in love with the most inconvenient wonders of designer fantasy – just save them for solemn occasions when you sit!

There are lots of tricks on how to choose women’s shoes and visually make legs slimmer. One way is to visually lengthen them. The shoes you wear have a direct effect on how your lower legs, ankles, and feet look.

  • An elongated toe, sharp or square, lengthens the leg and constricts the ankle.
  • Round toe or open finger shortens the foot. Choose high-heeled shoes if you wear them with a skirt.
  • Low-cut shoes or open legs lengthen and slim ankle.

“Decolletefor fingers” lengthens the foot

Closed shoes or shoes with laces are best worn with trousers or tights in color so that the legs appear slimmer.

  • If you do not know how to choose shoes such as sandals or heeled sandals, look where the jumpers fall: they should not visually shorten the legs.
  • With a strap (and a vertical jumper) the color of the pantyhose or stocking should be in harmony with the color of the shoes.

Boots can be as comfortable as necessary and as extravagant as you wish. From the point of view of harmony, the main thing is that they end in a narrow part of the leg.

Boots ending in the middle of the shin, at its widest point, will attract attention to this part of the leg.If the top edge of the boot falls on an unattractive place, pick up tights or stockings in color.And once again about the main thing: think not only about what shoes to pick up, but also about how comfortable you will be in it.